A. Maitland Bottoms aa4hs at
Mon Feb 5 10:14:19 CST 2007

hal feinstein writes:
 > Two technology things come to mind
 > that people in the club seem interested in.  First,  software radio.   
 > A couple of
 > people have been building these so they might make a good display.  

I've got a USRP, and with a laptop will be able to at least run some
of the canned demos, such as receiving 2 FM broadcast stations at once.
I'm going to attempt a "beacon" application that repeats a voice message
on some 2m nbfm frequency - not sure how far that'll be heard with
no power amp.

 > The second
 > is the DSTAR stuff.  The DSTAR people might want to build up a small
 > network for Winterfest and make one of the nodes   our table.

My USRP will have 1.2 GHz, so I'll at least be able to communicate nbfm
with ID-1s, and grab some spectrum plots of ID-1 DV and DD modes.


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