Vienna Wireless Society's Winterfest, NVCC-Annandale, 25 Feb 07

Tom Azlin, N4ZPT n4zpt at
Sun Feb 11 11:32:55 CST 2007

Hi Alex.

If in the past 365 days (well as of 25 Feb) you have taken and passed
the Extra class license exam then the Certificate of Successful
Completion of Examination would have been given to you.  That
certificate is what you would take to the paper upgrade table on Sunday,
25 Feb.  But given that you are already an Advanced, your passing that
exam would have meant an immediate upgrade.

We are looking for those Novices and Tech licensees that have tried to
upgrade but only passed their written exam in the last year.

73, Tom n4zpt

Alex Fraser wrote:
> I'm an Advanced licensee now, do I have to do anything?  I understand license 
> and and ID, but what is a relevant CSCE?

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