USRP+RFX1200 on air

A. Maitland Bottoms aa4hs at
Sat Feb 17 22:36:58 CST 2007


I have brought up and received the Alexandria 1282.600-
repeater[1] from my house using Gnu Radio[2] software,
the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP), with
a RFX1200 Transceiver Daughterboard.[3] Hopefully soon
I'll catch someone around for a first QSO via software.
(I had a QSO with WD5DBC's ID-1 earlier... so there is
activity on the band around here.) The antenna is a
Diamond RH951S[4] HT Antenna.

Since it has been a couple of years since I got the USRP,
my new transceiver didn't have the right setup to work
without some hardware and firmware tweaking.[5]

Big thanks to N4TPY for the workbench and WB5MMB for some
expert surface mount soldering.

To work the repeater, I did have to edit the Python application[6] to use a -12 MHz transmit offset. This is the
first time I've adjusted a radio's duplex mode using Emacs :)

73 de aa4hs,


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