Fw: [softrock40] PCR100 receivers to use with SR

Terry Fox wb4jfi at knology.net
Sun Feb 25 10:26:52 CST 2007

Sorry about the spam at the message header.  I need to drop that option from Knology, when I remember my master password.  I edited it from here.

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  Here is a good deal - the Icom PCR-100 (not the PCR-1000) for only $65.00.  It covers .1MHz to 1.3GHz, but only has an FM demod.  The guys are buying SoftRock receivers at 10.7MHz and tapping the IF of the PCR-100 to create a general-coverage receiver.  At $65 each, I just got one.  They appear to be going fast.  When I bought, there were only 24 left.   Terry   ----- Original Message ----- From: kd5nwa To: softrock40 at yahoogroups.com Sent: Saturday, February 24, 2007 11:57 PM Subject: Re: [softrock40] PCR100 receivers to use with SR 

  I bought two from him from his previous group for sale and they work 
  fine. You need a 13.8 Volt wall wart with a 5.5mm connector, and a 
  straight through db-9m to db-9f serial cable plus the software to 
  control the radio.

  I have a couple of SoftRocks for 10.7MHz on order to hook up just 
  past the filters on the 10.7MHz IF.

  Several software packages, user manuals, service manuals with schematics at;

  < URL:http://www.hpsdr.com/Public/Radios/pcr-100/ >

  At 10:35 PM 2/24/2007, you wrote:

  >The guy just listed another 60 receivers on ebay #200083161254 $65, 
  >free shipping. Looks like a great candidate for a 10.7Mhz SoftRock Lite.
  >73 Kees K5BCQ

  Cecil Bayona

  'Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then 
  beat you with experience.' 

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