VWS Winterfest

A. Maitland Bottoms aa4hs at amrad.org
Sun Feb 25 14:14:14 CST 2007

So, finally we've had winter for "Winterfest"!
I hope all our Winterfest attendees have made it home safely.

My trip went pretty well, especially since I covered much
of the distance home a few cars behind a plow truck.

I'll try to get some screenshots of the kind of spectral
plots I was showing of the 1.2 GHz signals using the USRP.

For those on the list who didn't get to the VWS hamfest today,
AMRAD had a table-and-a-half full of demonstrations:

K0BRA's posters, notebooks, and mounted demo hardware running
the SDR-IQ receiver, Mini-VNA filter frequency response demo.

N4ICK's poster and 8-pin BASIC programmable microcontroller
calling CQ (with light and sound).

My GNURadio spectrum plots on the laptop and USRP hardware
on display listening on 1.2 GHz.

WD5DBC's Icom ID-1 providing D-Star demos for the NVFNA and
Alexandria Radio club's D-Star repeater groups, which in turn
provided data for my USRP/GNURadio demo.

WB5MMB's 1.2GHz HT doing nbFM.

What didn't get much demo time was that the ID-1 was also
connected to a WRT54G running OpenWRT and driving the
ethernet port on the ID-1. The WRT54G was also doing
802.11 with an SSID of "AMRAD". And the laptop had my
Python ID-1 control software (which I like to think of
as "Radio-defined software".)


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