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Fri Mar 23 13:24:06 CDT 2007

FYI. I haven't vetted this, and do not have any opinion on it yet, but I
wanted to pass this on for the benefit of the club members.  

Subject: [RTTY] The Email Robots are coming to RTTY!

ARRL is petitioning the FCC to allow Email Robots to take over
the HF bands under 10m.

You can read about the special meeting with the FCC here:

I urge all of you not to be complacent about this matter!

As an invited member of the original ARRL committee from which the
"bandwidth petition" sprang, I saw early on that the real intent of the
committee, chaired by the originator of Winlink, was to turn
control of the HF bands over to Winlink Email robots, and that "segmentation
by bandwidth" was merely a guise for doing this. I even felt it necessary to
issue a dissenting recommendation, which you may read here:

Now the ARRL is trying again, and in so doing, divulging the true purpose
behind their original "bandwidth petition", by taking advantage
of the fact
that CW has been dropped as a requirement, basically leaving only RTTY and
Data as important modes in the eyes of the ARRL. You may notice
the complete absence of CW as a mode in the table of HF modes attached to the
ARRL's Ex-parte attempted modification to RM-11306, which may or may not
actually be allowed, since it basically scraps the concept of segmentation by
bandwidth and preserves segmentation by mode for all bands under 10m. I
don't see how the FCC can accept this magnitude of change to RM-11306
without requiring a totally new petition and comment period.

However, just in case they do, I have put together a simple explanation of
how to file a comment and I strongly urge each one of you to file
a comment NOW if you value your ability to enjoy RTTY and CW in the future.
Please do not be complacent and assume everything will be OK! Just take a
couple of minutes to file a comment. Here is a sample form to follow:

A flood of comments DOES influence the FCC. It worked to keep the
robots off the phone bands, so now we must again work to keep them from
taking over the RTTY and CW activity areas.

If you want to enjoy RTTY contesting and DXing in the future,
please help by simply clicking here:
and commenting NOW!

73, Skip KH6TY

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