Email robots on HF bands

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Sat Mar 24 07:07:34 CDT 2007

I think we have been duped by chicken little..

Winlink HF mail box systems do not TX on their own.  They only
RESPOND to a sentient human logon request.  It is the
responsibility of those human operators to listen to the
frequency first before logging on.  

I think

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> FYI. I haven't vetted this, and do not have any opinion on it 
> yet, but I
> wanted to pass this on for the benefit of the club members.  
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> Subject: [RTTY] The Email Robots are coming to RTTY!
> ARRL is petitioning the FCC to allow Email Robots to take over
> the HF bands under 10m.
> You can read about the special meeting with the FCC here:
> I urge all of you not to be complacent about this matter!
> As an invited member of the original ARRL committee from which
> "bandwidth petition" sprang, I saw early on that the real 
> intent of the
> committee, chaired by the originator of Winlink, was to turn
> control of the HF bands over to Winlink Email robots, and 
> that "segmentation
> by bandwidth" was merely a guise for doing this. I even felt 
> it necessary to
> issue a dissenting recommendation, which you may read here:
> Now the ARRL is trying again, and in so doing, divulging the 
> true purpose
> behind their original "bandwidth petition", by taking
> of the fact
> that CW has been dropped as a requirement, basically leaving 
> only RTTY and
> Data as important modes in the eyes of the ARRL. You may
> the complete absence of CW as a mode in the table of HF modes 
> attached to the
> ARRL's Ex-parte attempted modification to RM-11306, which may 
> or may not
> actually be allowed, since it basically scraps the concept of 
> segmentation by
> bandwidth and preserves segmentation by mode for all bands 
> under 10m. I
> don't see how the FCC can accept this magnitude of change to
> without requiring a totally new petition and comment period.
> However, just in case they do, I have put together a simple 
> explanation of
> how to file a comment and I strongly urge each one of you to
> a comment NOW if you value your ability to enjoy RTTY and CW 
> in the future.
> Please do not be complacent and assume everything will be OK! 
> Just take a
> couple of minutes to file a comment. Here is a sample form to
> A flood of comments DOES influence the FCC. It worked to keep
> robots off the phone bands, so now we must again work to keep 
> them from
> taking over the RTTY and CW activity areas.
> If you want to enjoy RTTY contesting and DXing in the future,
> please help by simply clicking here:
> and commenting NOW!
> 73, Skip KH6TY
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