Fwd: Alexandria D-Star repeaters for 1.2 ghz and 2 meter operational -- 440 on "hold"

Bob Rice, KG4RRN kg4rrn at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 24 17:47:36 CDT 2007

F.Y.I. --- D*STAR NOVA UPDATE ....................
Marshall DeBerry <mmdeberry at gmail.com> wrote:
  Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 18:35:06 -0400
From: "Marshall DeBerry" <mmdeberry at gmail.com>
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Subject: Alexandria D-Star repeaters for 1.2 ghz and 2 meter operational -- 440 on "hold"

Just wanted to let the group know that we've turned on the 1.2 ghz voice and 2 meter D-Star repeaters today.  The frequencies are posted on the W4HFH club web page in the D-Star section ( http://www.w4hfh.org) . Currently, we're experiencing a problem with the 440 module that we're trying to puzzle out.  I  thought I'd give the NoVa folks a heads-up to try out the frequencies before posting in the Icom D-Star forum to see how things go, as well as as giving us some time to work on the 440 issue.   This means that the repeaters may go down from time to time without any advance notice.  Our next task is start working on getting the gateway up, which should be "soon". 

I don't monitor this group every day, so if you have any comments, it may be a bit before I reply.  We'll try to keep you posted as we move forward.

  73 de KI4MWP

  Please send ARC your reception reports.....

     Bob Rice, K G 4 R R N 
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