Airbus A380 Arrives at Dulles

Frank Gentges metavox at
Mon Mar 26 12:47:40 CDT 2007

I went out last night to a spot just under the approach path to Dulles 
runway 19L.  The Airbus A380 was supposed to be arriving at Dulles 
around 9 PM.  We were there at 8:35 and saw something big come over at 
8:45.  Its hard to tell in the dark what I saw.  It actually arrived at 
8:21 so we missed it.

This morning while monitoring the approach frequency for 19L we heard 
the A380 was coming in for a low level flyby.  I went over to a spot 
near the lab that is directly under the 19L approach and a few minutes 
later saw the A380 go overhead at 12:00 noon.

Because these big planes just scale up from the smaller ones it is hard 
to tell how much bigger it really is.  The most notable thing was all 
the undercarriages with the landing gear.  Anyway, it was interesting to 
see it for the first time.

Thanks to Iain for cuing me to the info needed to see it, wish he was 
here for this.

Frank K0BRA

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