RSGB books without paying cross-pond postage?

Bill - N8ET n8et at
Fri Apr 6 08:15:15 CDT 2007

I can get anything the ARRL has in their catalog - which includes a lot of 
RSGB books, but I do not see the two books mentioned on the list.  I believe 
they (ARRL) stock up when the RSGB comes over for Dayton, so new 
books would not show up in the ARRL catalog until after Dayton each year.

If there is sufficient interest by the group, I can look into getting an order of 
RSGB books.  I store their booth material here in Ohio each year for Dayton, 
so I am sure I could work something out with them.  Now would be a great 
time to do that because I could pick up the stock at Dayton in May.

Let me know if you are interested.

73 - Bill - N8ET
Kanga US
419-423-4604 (Kanga)
419-423-5643 (home)

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