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Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Wed Apr 11 08:45:52 CDT 2007

Marketplace of Ideas: Free Laptops for Bloggers?
Microsoft recently gave away laptops, each loaded with the new Windows 
Vista operating system and valued at more than US $2000, to about 
90 bloggers who regularly write about technology. Some bloggers were 
happy to accept the computers, while others asserted that Microsoft was 
using the PCs as bribes to get good press. For its part, Microsoft said the 
computers were given away so the bloggers could evaluate and review 

Should bloggers be held to the same ethical standards as traditional 
journalists, who generally cannot accept expensive gifts from the 
companies they cover? Weigh in at <mailto:institute at>

And read responses to January's question on how you would feel if 
someone used the wireless Internet service you pay for to make free 
calls. Responses range from calling the use unethical to seeing no 
problem at all in the free calls. See what members had to say at

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