solar flux via RSS?

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Wed Apr 11 20:05:41 CDT 2007

I love chasing DX (when I actually have the time), but I have never  
found watching the MUF charts or solar flux terribly useful to be  
honest.  With a broad brush it tells you, "well I am certainly not  
working 15 meters today", but it doesn't tell you who you might be  
able to speak to and on what frequency.   Personally I am a big fan  
of DX clusters.  They are really old school, and nothing is happening  
high speed and low drag like RSS, it is pure TELNET baby!    I use  
the DX cluster to find a sampling of what other operators are hearing  
around the US, its empirical data that you can use and not just a  
pretty chart.   They also periodically flash some stats like the  
following across the terminal:  WWV: SFI=69  A=4  K=1 NO STORMS ; NO  
STORMS 4/12/2007 00:00Z

I like the K3NC cluster in Fredericksburg, but there is a whole list  
of them here:

Since you are in the PSK31 stuff a lot these days, you might enjoy  
the fact that there is a lot of reporting on who is on what frequency  
and if they are running PSK31, etc.  It is also very useful when you  
are chasing rare DX and there is a massive pileup and you keep on  
missing the QSL manager's call.   All of those details get blasted  
over the cluster pretty frequently.

So I totally avoided your question, but perhaps this will help you?

And who cannot love TELNET?   I know you prefer Lynx over Firefox....

On Apr 11, 2007, at 3:12 PM, Robert E. Seastrom wrote:

> Decent propagation is a tall order here in the era of sunspot-minima,
> and you gotta take what you can get.
> Does anyone know if there is an RSS feed available of daily solar flux
> measurements, say from an organization such as CNRC?  (Who does daily
> solar flux measurements here in the States?)
> I want to avoid duplicating work, but I'm likely to whip up a screen
> scraper and RSS feed generator if nobody's done it to date.
>                                         ---Rob
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