John Teller jsteller at spottydog.us
Sat Apr 14 20:40:16 CDT 2007

Even though Morse is the only mode I am interested in operating on HF, I 
believe it's pretty much a dead mode.  I also like messing with 19th 
century telegraphic equipment - you get to learn Railroad Morse (a.k.a. 
American Morse) or even dotting codes to do that.  I think there will 
always be a hard core group of Morse adherents - but that is no reason 
for using it as a roadblock to keep otherwise interested people out of 
Amateur radio.  It's not like there are millions of applications for 
licenses that have to be turned down every year.

If they are looking for emergency operators, a well trained cadre of 
Hams who know how to efficiently conduct emergency operations using 
voice nets is far more valuable than a few more CW enthusiasts.  Maybe 
some of them will realize what a great emergency mode CW really is and 
then go and learn it.

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