Are CompUSA's Closeout Sales Any Good?

Terry Fox wb4jfi at
Sun Apr 22 14:03:56 CDT 2007

I remember when CompUSA first opened, it was like a supermarket for
computers.  It was truely great!

Then, some low-ball management specialist must have taken over.  They became
customer antagonistic, with customer service something to shoot for - at
least on the opposite end of the spectrum.  They treated their employees the
same way, poorly.

Then, they started watching every move you made, virtually accusing you of
taking something - just like the guy who used to own the Ritco surplus store
in Annandale many years ago.  He went out of business as well.  We all hated
going in there, and eventually stopped, going only to Sasco in Oldtown
Alexandria instead.

It got to the point that the only time I went into CompUSA was if someone
had given me a gift card.  While workign at Tyson's, I would rather go to
MicroCenter, or even Best Buy instead of CompUSA.

You could see the writing on the walls - any company that treats their
customers with such disdain will eventuallu lose them, and go out of
business.  How many times must that lesson be taught?

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> > In case you had not missed tha fact that all the CompUSA stores are
> > closing in Northern Virginia and many other places.
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> > It looks like a trip over there may be more a trip into high pressure
> > marketing area where things cost more than a trip into bargain land. You
> > may want to save your gas for a more productive trip.
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> Ah yes - i found the "closing" list. hmmm.
> they were convenient for the random thing
> like a compact flash card, USB drive, etc.
> probably good news for Microcenter
> maybe we'll get a Frye's !!!
> -mo
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