Are CompUSA's Closeout Sales Any Good?

Mike O'Dell mo at
Sun Apr 22 15:18:50 CDT 2007

Frank Gentges wrote:
> Terry,
> Yes,  it was really nice when it started as Computer Warehouse.  I can 
> remember when the parking lot was jammed and getting in and out of the 
> shopping center was a problem. Then they changed their name and business 
> model and bought out the competition down the street.  Along the way the 
> Harvard MBA crowd took over and tried to run it like the NY sandwich 
> shop they had studied in their case study.
> I went in several months ago and it looked like a morgue and almost no 
> customers were to be found.  It did not create a sense of excitement or 
> interest in what they had.  Everything was rearranged. Even a Mexican 
> billionaire cannot let a chain of his stores keep hemorrhaging money for 
> ever.
> I regularly go to Microcenter before or after tacos to see the latest 
> stuff and deals.  It does not feel like a NY sandwich shop with some 
> gruff guy behind the counter.
> Frank

at least in a NY sandwich shop, the gruff guy behind the counter
knows his corned beef. the droids in Kompusa have only a 50-50 chance
of knowing whether they are on break or not.


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