Are CompUSA's Closeout Sales Any Good?

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It also did not help that somewhere along the line, CompUSA
became un-ethical


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Yes,  it was really nice when it started as Computer
Warehouse.  I can 
remember when the parking lot was jammed and getting in and
out of the 
shopping center was a problem. Then they changed their name
and business 
model and bought out the competition down the street.  Along
the way the 
Harvard MBA crowd took over and tried to run it like the NY
shop they had studied in their case study.

I went in several months ago and it looked like a morgue and
almost no 
customers were to be found.  It did not create a sense of
excitement or 
interest in what they had.  Everything was rearranged. Even
a Mexican 
billionaire cannot let a chain of his stores keep
hemorrhaging money for 

I regularly go to Microcenter before or after tacos to see
the latest 
stuff and deals.  It does not feel like a NY sandwich shop
with some 
gruff guy behind the counter.


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