6 Meter Packet Net

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Apr 23 19:37:54 CDT 2007

6m Packet via Meteor Scatter:

> Can we come up with a concept and do some testing and a 
> demonstration?  Does someone have some packet TNCs we 
> can try out?

APRS is perfect for this.  It might not be your final
objeective, but is a trivial way to set it up and see the
packets come through and plot on the map.  We did this during
several meteor showers and see many stations.  And we confirm
that 6m is much better than 2m.  SO it is worth doing.

For simplicity and stand alone mode, I receommende this:
Any old 1200 baud TNC
Any old 386 or better junk laptop (don't sacrifice your main PC
for lightening)...

Just run.  Make packets as short as possible.  APRS has a grid
square format that is only header plus 6 bytes.  Check your map
each day and see what you got.


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