FYI RF spectrum bidding wars

Mike O'Dell mo at
Mon Apr 23 20:01:05 CDT 2007

Bob Bruhns wrote:
> Look what happened to AIS (sort of shipboard IFF).  US authorities sold the spectrum for one of the channels (161.975 MHz), and
> it was in a block that some common carrier bought, and they wouldn't return it.  As a result, an international issue was
> created, because now everybody in the world has to pay more for AIS transponders, because they have to protect the telecom
> company around US territory, and the utility of AIS around the US coast is reduced.  Whoop de doo!!!
>   Bob, WA3WDR

the stupidity was selling the channels in the first place.
that whole deal was crooked as a dog's hind leg.
what's worse, the bozos that "bought it" hasn't successfully
launched a viable service on the channels. what a complete crock.

as for "give it back", how about just assigning it "dual use"
and let the carrier deal with interference from Big Boats that
don't give a whizz about the carrier, other than to sue the
crap out of them if the carrier's use causes an accident.

"Live by the lawyer, die by the lawyer."


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