Dulles Emergency Drill

fgentges at mindspring.com fgentges at mindspring.com
Fri Apr 27 14:23:23 CDT 2007

The AMRAD van will participate in an emergency drill at Dulles airport 
on 5 May.  The van will be used as the net control station.  There will 
be a lot of non-hams in a drill simulating a crash scenario.  Our role 
is to keep them connected with each other on 2meter and 1 1/4 meter nets.

If anyone from AMRAD wants to participate please contact me.  This is a 
rather large operation we have been invited to be a part of.  We have a 
chance to show our ability to show up and be useful.

There will be a meeting near the lab next Monday, 7 PM, April 30 to get 
the hams together.

Frank K0BRA

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