AMRAD Participates in Dulles Emergency Exercise 2007

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Sounds like a newsletter article is in there somewhere.

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> An emergency exercise was conducted at Dulles Airport on Saturday, May 5 
> from 9 a.m. until 12 noon.  This exercise simulated an aircraft accident 
> to test the airport's emergency operations plan and provide hands-on 
> training for emergency responders including area amateur radio 
> operators.  There were dozens of emergency vehicles from Loudoun, 
> Fairfax and Prince William counties augmenting airport vehicles 
> participating in the excercise.  The scenario was the collision of an 
> aircraft with two contruction worker busses which created 30 simulated 
> casualties.
> AMRAD provided its van which served as the excercise net control 
> station.  A general net was operated to coordiinate the excercise and 
> another net was operated to coordinate 6 busses carrying simulated 
> casualties to 6 local hospitals.  Communications also included a WiFi 
> net and APRS was used to track the busses.
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