Propnet shows 10 meter activity

Terry Fox tfox at
Wed May 9 13:52:22 CDT 2007

Over the last few days, ten meters has had some interesting openings.
Thanks to the Propnet system for showing them.

Is there someone in AMRAD in the DC area that could put up a propnet station
on ten meters?  There are several stations in the southeast and midwest, but
nothing in or around DC, NJ, NY, etc.  Even a temporary station would be a

All that is needed is an older PC (even 300MHz Pentium would work) that runs
the Propnet software, a ten meter rig, an PSK-31 type interface, and a ten
meter antenna, plus an Internet connection.

Go to to look at how it is being used.  Over the last few days
there has been a lot of activity.

The propnet group also operates on 30 meters and 6 meters.

I bought an old Radio Shack HTX-100 on ebay, and a CB vertical, plus an old
laptop running Win-98.  That station is almost ready to go on the air -
right now I use my IC-720 and a dipole in the attic.

Here is another way AMRAD could help out, with a minimal investment (time
and money).

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