Propnet shows 10 meter activity

Maitland Bottoms aa4hs at
Thu May 10 16:24:38 CDT 2007

Mike O'Dell writes:
 > where was the receiver site for the AIS map you made?
 > it's very interesting indeed.

Chesapeake Beach,  MD - left center of map.

Optimism has struck me that VHF propagation may be
something to look for, so I've put up a NASA AIS
Engine receiver up at my Alexandria QTH.

Certainly connecting it to my Diamond antenna tuned
for the ham bands will work just fine for 162 MHz
signals.... after all, I can copy NOAA weather radio.

While composing this message I decoded the following:

        MessageID:        5
        RepeatIndicator:  0
        UserID:           306482000
        AISversion:       0
        IMOnumber:        1006843
        callsign:         PJKT
        name:             ALUMERCIA
        shipandcargo:     37
        dimA:             10
        dimB:             10
        dimC:             10
        dimD:             10
        fixtype:          1
        ETAminute:        20
        ETAhour:          9
        ETAday:           28
        ETAmonth:         0
        draught:          2.6
        destination:      WASHINGTON@@@@@@@@@@
        dte:              0
        Spare:            0

        MessageID:          3
        RepeatIndicator:    0
        UserID:             306482000
        NavigationStatus:   5
        ROT:                0
        SOG:                0.1
        PositionAccuracy:   1
        longitude:          -77.02737
        latitude:           38.87969
        COG:                30
        TrueHeading:        315
        TimeStamp:          52
        RegionalReserved:   0
        Spare:              0
        RAIM:               False
        state_syncstate:    0
        state_slottimeout:  0
        state_slotoffset:   0

OK, so that's just moored at the DC waterfront, just off
by bike commute route. Google coughed up
so I know what to look for...

But I am hoping propagation will get me some DX signals
from the Atlantic Ocean. Anyways, my computer is now
waiting patiently...


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