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Thu May 10 18:50:55 CDT 2007

Taco Gang,

If anyone needs a Joost invitation, just let me know.   I have plenty  
since I have been in the beta program for a while now.   I think it  
is a pretty cool service, lot of odd content and plenty of cool  
documentaries and nature shows too.   No ham radio channel yet : 
(   Maybe we can make an AMRAD ham radio channel!  Just have people  
tuning circuits in 4 hour blocks, then someone sending code at 8 WPM  
against a backdrop of a blue sheet for 2 hours, then an antenna  
building contest the next hour, then RS sending PSK31 for an hour, a  
televised 30 minute DX pileup just to get to the "59 QRZ" prize.    
Just imagine the excitement!!  Probably would help no hams sleep  
better at least :)

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