There has to be a lesson here some place

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Sat May 12 17:01:39 CDT 2007

How about the top ten lessons:

Lesson 1:
Always blame somebody or something else for your own stupidity.  Wait,
that's the US version.

Lesson 2:
See lesson 1.

Lesson 3:
Go live in a cave.  You obviously cannot handle technology.

Lesson 4:
The gene pool is obviously already too diluted. Look into a mirror for
proof.  Do not have kids.

Lesson 5:
Take trains, not autos.

Lesson 6:
Do NOT try to use a handgun.  Ever.  Really.  Unless you want to count only
to 19 (lost finger or toe, take your pick).

Lesson 7:
Never move into a house with natural gas.  Or propane.  Or electricity.
Always eat out.  But, walk.  See lesson 5.

Lesson 8:
If you become a US citizen, don't vote.  You would probably choose Hiliary.

Lesson 9:
Next time you are driving and need directions, use a cell phone to call a
friend instead of relying on a GPS.  Cell phones never cause car accidents.

Lesson 10:
Find the "engage gray matter" button, and press it.  Enjoy the rush of

Lesson 11:
Repeat starting at lesson 1 until tired.

Let's all say DUH!  Come on, can I get a DUH from the audience?
1...2...3... DUH.


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