w9inn antenna for 160, 80,40M

Richard Cramer rwcfl at earthlink.net
Sat May 19 01:56:54 CDT 2007

Hello, to all of those not in Dayton,

Does anyone on the list have one of Bill's, W9INN now a SK, antennas for 
any of the combinations in the subject line (160, 80, 40M) for sale, 
loan, or could measure:  the antenna overall length, each leg length, 
measure the resonator form OD, and the number of turns and wire size.  
Better yet would be the unconnected inductance and impedamce of each 
resonator.  I would not expect anyone to unconnect the resonators and 
make the measurements if they are using the antenna, but sometimes 
people have a lot of time on their hands or are bored.  :-)

If anyone has one of these antennas and wants to keep it for possible 
use at a later time, I would be more then happy to borrow the antenna, 
pay the shipping both ways, and make the measurements here.  I really 
will return the antenna.

Why am I doing this?  There is no documentation available as how Bill 
built his antennas.  The resonators which look traps only look like 
traps, there is no discrete capacitor in the resonator.  Additionally, 
the resonators are not resonant on the bands as one would expect.  There 
are many hams that would like to build these antennas which can run the 
legal power limit, and I propose to write the research we do and make it 
available to the ham population for any that are interested.

Dick  /KY2E

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