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FYI... another MiniVNA use.

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I just want to jot down a couple of lines on a method to measure the actual 
radiation of an antenna you are designing.

Set the miniVNA in the "filter mode"

Connect your antenna under test to the output of the miniVNA.

Connect a small antenna to the input of the miniVNA.

When you now sweep the antenna, the result on the display is the actual ( 
mostly near field ) radiation of your antenna.
This way, you can cut and twek your antenna for maximum radiation, not the 
best SWR. Remember that the best SWR have nothing to do with what's radiated 
by the antenna!
If the impedance of the resulting tuning process are far off from 50 Ohms, 
add a balun...

For the geek.

By using a homebrew E-field or/and H field detector as input for these 
measurements, you can really measure on your antennas!!!

//Dan, M0DFI

Dan Andersson, M0DFI
dan at andersson.co.uk 

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