Field Day 2007

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Fri Jun 15 17:06:20 CDT 2007


AMRAD will operate with the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group for Field Day.  We will bring the van and be the VHF/UHF station.  All AMRAD members and interested parties are invited to come join us to help and perhaps put in some time operating.  This station will be a good chance to get into operating a contest without the scorching pace seen on the HF bands.

We will be operating 6, 2, 440 MHz and 1.2 GHz with beams on top the tall mast on the van.  We will be taking the van out to the Field Day site on Friday to set up and then operate on Saturday and Sunday.

You can get more detail from the LARG web site including a map at

We had a problem with the power steering last weekend and have decided to drive the van without fixing the problem to Field Day.  Afterwords we will look into fixing it ourselves.  Anyone that would like to help is encouraged to let me know so we can plan a repair party in the next few weeks, date not yet determined.


Frank K0BRA

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