how to cut tub stock

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I'd be inclined to use a vee block and a bandsaw.  I'd test it with a
piece of scrap - just holding the tube in the vee block by hand should
work OK since there's no reciporcating motion and all forces would be
heading for the vertex of the vee.  I have a narrow base vee block
(designed for drilling not sawing) that could be used with care...


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> Hal:
> What I used successfully is to clamp the tube stock then use a jib/saber saw
> with a metal blade.  Blades come with varying teeth-per-inch and varying
> degree of hardness, for steel, aluminum, etc.  Clamping must be done
> carefully, enough so the tube stock doesn't move while cutting but not tight
> enough to deform the tube.
> Dave Rogers
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> Here another simple but elusive construction questions:
> I built a simple 2m ground plane antenna.  The ARRL handbook uses a  
> pipe with
> a 3-4 inch cut line down the center of the tube stock, one cut on  
> either side of the tube
> so a pipe clamp can be placed over that end of the tube to tighten  
> it.   Question:
> how do you make these cuts, one on either side, neatly.   Unaided  
> (with hacksaw)
> you'll find it very difficult to keep the saw on track.  It wanders  
> and you have to correct the direction
> your cutting which looks like hell.   A dremel tool was  
> suggested.      So, how do the "pros" make this
> kind of cut?
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