Field Day 2007 VHF/UHF Station

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Thu Jun 21 15:49:14 CDT 2007

Tacoistas and VHF/UHF operators,

AMRAD is joining with the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group for Field Day. We 
will use the AMRAD van as the VHF/UHF station. Our plan is to take the 
van out on Friday afternoon and to prepare the antenna stack and 
feedlines.  We need to have some pig tails to connect the 3 pieces of 
hard line around the rotor and onto the antennas.

Unlike the other stations, we are putting up antennas for 4 bands, each 
with their own feed line.  Our preparations will take a bit more effort.

We might need to return to the lab on Friday to make up some of the pig 
tails.  Last year we had an adapter break up on top and lost the 
connection to our 440 antenna so the connector types on the antennas and 
hard lines need to match up so we don't end up with the same problem again.

Field Day operations start at 1800Z, 2 PM EDT.  We plan to go out 
Saturday morning, mount the stack onto the mast and raise the mast in 
time for operations.  Obviously, we will miss tacos on Saturday.

Feel free to join us on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Information on the 
site is available at  We 
could use some more operators and our station is a good place to start 
with.  Check the latest Big Board Schedule at

to see what time slots where operators are needed.

Frank K0BRA

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