Field Day 2007 VHF/UHF Station

Robert Bruninga bruninga at
Fri Jun 22 18:21:48 CDT 2007

Since APRS this year is suggesting GENERIC callsigns, you should
be able to work any ARRL section from anywhere.  For example, we
will be MDC-1 for Maryland DC (1st station on the air)...

To work APRS stations in NVA, try sending a message to NVA-1,

To make this work, APRS FD stations do two things:
1) Put an OBJECT on the map with their chosen SSS-# call
2) Add their SSS-# to their MESSAGE GROUP.

That way, the Igate system will send any SSS-# messages back to
RF in your area, and you will see it since it is in your message

Good luck

Bob, WB4aPR

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> Wish I could be there:... {both Tacos and the contest site
:-)  }
> However, I WILL be operating 6Y5RA "1F DX" from the Jamaican 
> Red Cross EOC in
> Kingston Jamaica.
> ARRL Field Day is in fact open to all IARU Region 2 stations. 
> I will only be operating from start of the contest till 
> around 7pm Saturday
> night.
> "Best wishes and good luck in the contest"
> Iain  KI4HLV/6Y5
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> > Tacoistas and VHF/UHF operators,
> > 
> > AMRAD is joining with the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group for
Field Day.
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