Amateur Radio Newline via AMRAD repeater

hal feinstein hfeinstein at
Sat Jun 30 23:49:56 CDT 2007

I've begun to broadcast the Amateur Radio Newsline at 8:00PM on  
over the AMRAD repeater.  I invite you, if you can hear the repeater,  
to listen
in to these newscasts, they are very informative.     Setting up to  
the Newsline  was a bit involved.    I built a 2m ground plane to get  
the signal
strength up,  Put fans on the rig to keep it from frying (30min   
keydown is not what
the designers had in mind).  I'm in the process of acquiring an  
interface between
the computer (my iMAC) and 2m rig to create quality audio.

Before committing to broadcasting Newsline for the duration, I am  
interested in
knowing if it will be useful for listeners.   I'm open to adjusting  
the time or day.

I do have one request.  I'd like to have the  repeater
adjusted so I can limit the number of times I need to drop the  
carrier to prevent  timesouts.
Right now the repeater times out every three min.  Newsline leaves a  
few second every 10 min.
for ID and repeater drops.   I understand this can be done by some  
repeater adjustment.   Old time
AMRADers will remember that Sandy WB5MMB broadcast Newsline over the
AMRAD repeater for a long time years ago.

--hal f. 

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