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Sun Jul 1 21:52:47 CDT 2007

  I can donate a 2m set if you like. That way you don't have to beat up your regular unit.
  It's normally a 35 watt commercial Midland unit, but with a simple tweak, I can throttle it back to some more reasonable number.Any place between 5 and 35 watts. 
  Since the top half of the case is a big heat sink, it will take a long time to achieve 'melt down'. 
  I can fit it with fans if you want.
  In the event of meltdown, no loss. It's nearly a disposable radio. 
  Holds 8 channels, tell me what you want and it will be programed into it.
  I can set it for 30, 60, 90, 120 and zero PTT time outs if that will help. 
  I can work out some kind of delay timer that reads the PTT led, waits for it to go off, count x seconds and re key the radio. 
  Might be helpful for automated operation during a 30 min event.
  Just say the word and it's yours.
  I also have a Midland base station, but it's not ready for prime time yet. 
  Will have to adapt a mobile  radio (different type) and see if the new power supply (12 A) is any good. 
  The above might make a good stop gap until this unit is ready to go.
  If you want it, I will need the following data.
  RX freq   RX tone   TX frequ  TX tone
  I'm going to presume you want the PTT timer off for now.
  I will drill a hole in the plastic side of the case and mark the transmit power trimmer pot for min and max. 
  Put some wires on it for DC (power pole connectors ok?) and a good speaker housing. 
  I will toss in an OEM microphone for local use. (It uses a cb style four pin microphone connector)
  It's audio input is in the 30mv range. 
  The microphones are amplified dynamics. 
  The PTT line is a pull to ground line.
  So interfacing it to a sound card should be a snap.
  Later dude

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Today's Topics:

1. Amateur Radio Newline via AMRAD repeater (hal feinstein)


Message: 1
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2007 00:49:56 -0400
From: hal feinstein 
Subject: Amateur Radio Newline via AMRAD repeater
To: tacos at amrad.org
Message-ID: <0535362C-EA54-4CE3-951F-E7C2E5D99980 at cox.net>
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I've begun to broadcast the Amateur Radio Newsline at 8:00PM on 
over the AMRAD repeater. I invite you, if you can hear the repeater, 
to listen
in to these newscasts, they are very informative. Setting up to 
the Newsline was a bit involved. I built a 2m ground plane to get 
the signal
strength up, Put fans on the rig to keep it from frying (30min 
keydown is not what
the designers had in mind). I'm in the process of acquiring an 
interface between
the computer (my iMAC) and 2m rig to create quality audio.

Before committing to broadcasting Newsline for the duration, I am 
interested in
knowing if it will be useful for listeners. I'm open to adjusting 
the time or day.

I do have one request. I'd like to have the repeater
adjusted so I can limit the number of times I need to drop the 
carrier to prevent timesouts.
Right now the repeater times out every three min. Newsline leaves a 
few second every 10 min.
for ID and repeater drops. I understand this can be done by some 
repeater adjustment. Old time
AMRADers will remember that Sandy WB5MMB broadcast Newsline over the
AMRAD repeater for a long time years ago.

--hal f. 


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