Coupling heat to a metal case

John Teller jsteller at
Tue Jul 3 20:54:55 CDT 2007

Bergquist ( also sells several kinds of 
thermal transfer materials, in particular a heat-conductive material 
called Gap Pad.  You simply insert it in the space between an odd shaped 
hot part and its metal box, then tighten the mounting screws.  The Gap 
Pad fills the space and transfers the heat.

I think you can get samples if you send them a request from an email 
address other than aol.

--- JST

hal feinstein wrote:
> Here's another elusive construction question:
> I have a 500mw  amplifier module for 2.5Ghz that can get a bit hot.   
> I'd like
> to couple the heat to the case that houses it which is a metal ammo box.
> I plan to strap the module tight against the case but I remember the  
> "pros"
> often put some kind of  gump that facilitates heat transfer in  
> situations like this.
> Any idea what the gump is or better yet, can you recommend a cleaner  
> coupling method?
> --hal f. 
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