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"Q. You mentioned this passionate fan base. One thing that separates the
ESA from other lobbying organizations is that video gamers really see
you as their champion, not just for the companies but for gamers.
Whereas, say for movies, movie-goers don’t necessarily view the MPAA as
their advocate.

Gallagher: When I was on the Hill, in the administration, in the
spectrum space, the radio frequency spectrum, there’s a group of users
called the ham radio operators, or the amateurs. There are 800,000 of
them in the United States, that’s all. And it’s a technology that is
very much rooted in pre-World War II. They are passionate, they are
heard and they are accommodated. If there is one group to look at and
say it can be done, simply look at the amateur radio community. They are
very, very effective in Washington D.C. at making sure that their use of
the radio frequency spectrum is protected. Every member of Congress has
them in their district, all of them vote, all of them vote, all of them
write letters and they are a very loud group.

Well, two-thirds of American homes have video-game players in them.
Two-thirds of American families are playing video games, and a fair
number of those are very energized about it. That’s a much greater
number than what other groups have, and we look forward to activating
that and informing that group about what is happening so they can in
turn focus that energy where it needs to be applied, which is back at
their elected representatives and appointed representatives."

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