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The ham radio ALE HF Network is now on the air 24/7.
The network is in the process of expanding globally. 
It currently covers most of north america with 
5 "Pilot Stations".


The primary purpose of the network is for 
emergency/disaster relief communications. It is also a 
method for hams to connect with each other on HF/VHF 
for normal voice or text QSOs by direct station calling 
or net call ups. 

Through the Pilot Stations, HF operators can send ALE-SMS 
texting internet short email to/from cell mobile phones, 
black berry type devices, PDAs, and computers.

For those interested in PropNet type functions, 
realtime propagation information can be derived 
from the station ID bursts that are transmitted 
approximately every hour on each band, and by automatic 
copy of the callsigns during QSOs. 

Free band-scanning ALE software is available to decode 
the callsigns with time-date-frequency:


Currently there are 5 pilot stations 24/7 on the air, 
3.5MHz to 28MHz (1.8MHz and 50MHz optional).
Other ALE stations are on the air as operators are 

If you are interested in monitoring or participating 
in Ham-Friendly ALE, you can join the HFLINK group forum:


More info: 

73 Bonnie KQ6XA

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