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We don't need that for TV here, as there are no licenses to protect.

However, LO-sniffing has been used WITHIN the house of Nielsen rating homes.
In fact, there are questions right now on the new Nielsen rating boxes
because Nielsen originally wanted to "tap" into the actual TV.  For HDTV and
more expensive televisions in general, there was a backlash.  "You're not
cutting into MY $4,000 brand new television".

Plus, what to do about cable boxes, VCR or DVD-burner tuners, and TiVo and
its variants.  Real TiVos can be used to collect viewing data, and when I
left last year, there was some progress in collecting data, but there was
still concern about HDTV viewing being under-reported by Neilsen, especially
with HDTV PVRs.

Regarding radio LO-sniffing, I don't know how valid that really is.  Yes, it
can be done, but is counting how many car radios are tuned to WTOP on the GW
Parkway really a valid ratings/performance indicator.  Last time I checked,
neither my house nor my (old) work location drive down the GW on a regular
basis.  Of course, most radio listening these days IS done in the car.....

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> Are the British the only ones who do this?
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