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Michael Chisena ka2zev at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 16 14:04:57 CDT 2007

Hi guys,
  I suspect this might be old news for you, but it was an eye opener for me.
  The shear volume of FCC enforcement actions.
  I had always imaged them sitting around an office, sipping tea, ignoring the phone when it rang. Kinda like DMV with radios.
  Nice to be wrong about something.
  Look at all the gig's for broadcast failures. EBS stupidity, and fencing around antennas.
  What I was looking for were people gigged for using a Long Range Cordless Phone in the US.
  In the third world, these things are the ticket for having phone coverage when your away from home. Like a couple of miles. They are also used for IED triggers.
  The unit I have uses a split in 399 and 265 range.
  Managed to get a few to play with at the office. 
  I'm going to bring one home tonight and see just how many watts the base station puts out. Same for the hand held if I can get a wire into it.
  Will keep you posted.
  aka KA2ZEV

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