new video of Alberto, the Personal Blimp

Frank Gentges metavox at
Thu Jul 26 20:09:42 CDT 2007


I went over and looked at the video.  That is an impressive machine.  I 
would bet it is a whole lot cheaper to build and operate than a 
helicopter.  It might have some practical applications where helicopters 
cannot compete.  I really like the simplicity of the concept.

A tip of the AMRAD hat to your son's godfather.  He is an AMRAD type and 
is actually building something noteworthy.  If he ever makes it to the 
Washington area I would buy him an order of tacos just to get to meet 
him and shake his hand.  Maybe I could even get a chance to meet and 
greet on one of my trips to Boston when I visit my daughter.

Frank K0BRA

Mike O'Dell wrote:
> middle of the page is some video shot by a Boston
> newspaper guy. very, very well done.
> the bearded chap is godfather to our son as well
> as being Head Cheese on the blimp project. 
> i've been pretty deeply involved with this along the way.
>      -mo
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