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Subject: 	EU, US Agree on Common Satellite Signal Interoperability for 
GPS & Galileo
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This all sounds good for the future of navigation worldwide until you  
read the last paragraph.


Jul 26, 2007
GPS World

The European Union and the United States officially announced today  
that new GPS and Galileo satellites will jointly employ an improved  
design for their civil navigation signals, ensuring their  

Building on the cooperative agreement struck between GPS and Galileo  
in 2004, a joint compatibility and interoperability working group  
overcame technical challenges to design interoperable optimized civil  
signals, the EU said.

The resulting GPS L1C signal and Galileo L1F signal have been  
optimized to use a "multiplexed binary offset carrier (MBOC)"  
waveform. Future receivers using the MBOC signal should be able to  
track the GPS and/or Galileo signals with higher accuracy in  
challenging environments that include multipath, noise, and  

"The international GNSS community, including the U.S., will have full  
and transparent access to information on how to access Galileo and  
GPS services," said Matthias Ruete, EC Director General. "This should  
facilitate the rapid acceptance of Galileo in global markets side by  
side with GPS."

Now all that remains for Galileo is for Europe to decide who is going  
to pay for the system. European Transport ministers decided early in  
June that the public/private partnership model wasn't going to  
succeed where Galileo was concerned, recommending that Europe pursue  
public funding for the project, which so far only has one test  
satellite in orbit.

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