Doherty Amplifier

Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Mon Aug 6 20:48:27 CDT 2007

Indeed, RCA marketed this set up as the Ampliphase.
In my misspent youth, I worked for RCA International, and remember the 
Ampliphase transmitters quite well.
It worked very well on the medium wave band (known in the US as the AM 
band) but was more difficult to use on HF, mainly because returning it 
was quite touchy.
(In HF broadcasting some of the station's transmitters need to be 
returned to another HF band every couple of hours of so).


Mike O'Dell wrote:
> Frank Gentges wrote:
>> There were some very fine Doherty transmitters for AM broadcast that 
>> generated 50 kW 24/7.  This is a touchy design to get tuned up but once 
>> done, it is very good at amplifying high peak to average ratio signals 
>> and did not require the high power audio modulator.

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