IRLP revisited

A. Maitland Bottoms aa4hs at
Mon Aug 6 22:24:48 CDT 2007

To avoid the recent hot weather, I retreated to the basement
to fire up the IRLP box. Good news, it booted, and I was
able to take a backup up pgp keys, etc. before anything
bad happens. Also, upgrading both OS and IRLP seems to have
worked and should be good to go.

On the other hand, I have doubts about just putting the
system into service. The motherboard is 12 years old. The
hard drive is a whopping 2.5 Gig Quantum Scirrocco, of 
similar vintage. After running much of the weekend the
machine hung. It seems OK when restarted, but it doesn't
last long running memtest86. (The "runs fine until you
really use the CPU" symptom I've seen before, indicating
failure of the CPU heatsink assembly.)

I've got some newer motherboards and disks to migrate,
that seems like a really good idea. I'll get to that
Real Soon Now.

It's also time to come up with a rig to interface, needs
a COR (tone or squelch signal detect indication) as well
as clean audio in/out and PTT. Getting a new Alinco
DR-135 (or DR-635) wouldn't be a bad idea, but maybe
someone has a rig around that could go for the cause.


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