IRLP revisited

Bob Bruninga bruninga at
Tue Aug 7 08:26:08 CDT 2007

> Also, upgrading both OS and IRLP seems to have
> worked and should be good to go.

With the addition of FREQUENCY as a permanent field in all APRS packets, and the display of other station's and object's operating frequency on the front panel of the new APRS D710 radio, a whole new era of convenience will open up for th emobile traveler.

No matter where you drive, the nearest ILRP, EchoLink and WinLInk site and freq and PL will show up on the front panel of your radio.  And with the D710's TUNE button, a single button push will take you there.

Eventually it will be like HAM cellular.  Just send an APRS "voip" connect message to any other callsign on the planet, and then APRS< and IRLP or EchoLink will automatically set up the links and tune your radios to complete the end-to-end connection...

So get hose nodes on line, and more importantly, get their APRS objects on the air so people can find them.



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