Fw: live hamfest broadcast

Paul Rinaldo prinaldo at mindspring.com
Mon Aug 13 04:04:55 CDT 2007


It sounds like a good idea to better serve members outside the DC area. It would take a volunteer to step forward, properly equipped of course.


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>You are applauded for this effort.  At tacos we were once talking about 
>video taping the amrad meetings.  It would be nice if the meetings could 
>be streamed for those of us that find it geographically undesirable to 
>drive to McLean each month for other states.  What do you think, any 
>New thread ----  I am in West Central Florida.  Any taco people down my 
>way or on the way that would want to share a ride to Huntsville this 
>weekend and possibly even to the EM conference on the two (2) previous days?
>Dick /KY2E

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