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Mon Aug 13 11:07:18 CDT 2007

Pretty cool. Saw this mentioned on another list. Download from


"WorldWide NDB Search Utility (WWSU) is designed to aid in search for various
low frequency Non Directional Beacons (NDB) around the world. It provides
information such as Latitude, Longitude, City and Country where the beacon is
located. It will also provide the distance and bearing to the navaid based on
the geographical coordinates supplied by the user. A graphical representation
of the beacon's location on the world map is available as well. 
WWSU also utilizes a logging feature allowing the user to record all received
NDBs in a master or session log. This program will allow the listener to keep
logs from up to sixteen different listening locations."

It's windows and it's not free either. Registration is $15. But still the
beacon radar feature is very handy for me and my lowfer hunting.

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