CDs for Simulations from DC to Light

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Wed Aug 15 08:38:11 CDT 2007

This is for the Comsol CD which shows off some of their simulation 
program'a use and features.  Sign up by all means, get the CD and then 
you will get emails offering a seminar in the Washington area.

For those wanting to wade in DIY with a thirst for the physics of it all 
you can download a *free* student version of Quick Field from

It is only 2d but it does electric, magnetic as well as structural 
analysis and the price is right. Download the manual and some examples. 
You will likely spend an evening of frustration before you get the hang 
of it all but stick with it.

Frank K0BRA

Andre Kesteloot wrote:
> Multiphysics Simulations from DC to Light
> Learn how to model components and systems at frequencies
> from DC to light! Get your free copy of these unusually
> informative CDs that discuss multiphysics simulation
> techniques in the AC/DC and RF domains.
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