Need some very old time information and a 6m radio

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Mon Aug 27 12:47:18 CDT 2007

  I got some tips on this Saturday, but I'm hoping there are some more.
  Back Story.
  Some years ago I worked for Mr Kahn of ISB AM  Stereo fame.
  He taught me that car radios are set up for 10ohm antennas. 
  Has to do with impulse noise suppression. 
  We even had a little adapter that worked with our 50 ohm signal generators for setting up car radio receivers.
  Fast forward to last month or so. 
  I got nailed on a round table about this. 
  I wasn't believed and was asked to 'name my source'. 
  I sputtered, didn't have a good answer.
  When 'they' are right, they are right. 
  Just what was my source?
  I'm looking for an old spec that is not being found on the Internet.
  Experimental Data
  As an alternative, I tried my MFJ antenna analyzer on the trucks antenna. 
  It peaked at 87MHz with a 10 ohm impedance. 
  It also showed a good match at 27MHz, I don't know why. 
  Didn't get much of a reading at about 1.8MHz, that's the lower limit for the instrument.
  Current plans.
  The guy that works in the next cube here is your classic 'go to' guy for a lot of things. 
  I'm going to ask Dr. D this question and thumb through some of his text books.
  Second topic
  About two weeks ago I was asked about a 6m radio.
  What Ive got is a 50 watt under dash type.
  I'm willing to loan it 'on spec'. 
  That means, take it, use it for a few weeks, and decide if you want to buy the thing from me. I spent a ripping 40 bucks for it, so it's not exactly an expensive item.
  It's set up with a power plug and power pole connectors.
  If you want an external speaker, that's a snap.
  I don't have a proper mounting bracket.
  If you want some additional frequencies shot into the thing, I will need that info as well.
  Right now it's got about 50 of 80 channels occupied.
  So who ever wanted it, kindly call me at 
  703 863 4574 after 16:30.
  I will hook up with you and hand the item off.
  Thanks in advance

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