*** Spam *** Re: Need a source for a CDI kit

Mike O'Dell mo at ccr.org
Wed Aug 29 22:39:09 CDT 2007

Nan and Sandy Sanders wrote:
> Some of the new diesels are more software intensive than most auto engines.
>          Sandy

that's because modern Diesel engines are a *lot* more complex
than gasoline engines. until very recently, there were only
two groups in the world with the chops to build an engine
control unit for a modern high-pressure common-rail Diesel -
one is in Germany and one is in Japan. now there's a group
on the US West Coast who has built one and they managed
to impress the Germans who build the unit for the Mercedes
"Smart" engine.

the "Smart" engine has the highest power-to-weight
ratio of any Diesel in existence and is one complex little
bugger. the injectors fire multiple microbursts - not just
one big SQUIRT - with the timing and number, as well as fuel
volume, of each microburst tuned across the operating
range of the engine. of course it's measuring external air
pressure, boost pressure, external air temp and post-
aftercooler air temp so it can modulate the waste gate
and control the engine exhaust gas temp.  a bigger version
of the engine will not have a camshaft - the valves will
be directly driven with solenoids.

the days of the purely mechanical "it won't stop as long
as it's got fuel" Diesel are numbered with an 8-bit integer.


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