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>To all radio amateurs:
>We are again accepting volunteers for the 32nd Marine Corps Marathon in
>Washington, DC and Arlington County, VA. Each year approximately 120  
>radio operators from a variety of clubs and organizations volunteer  
>to help
>support the US Marine Corps and US Navy medical operations using  
>voice and
>data modes. Amateurs with an interest in public service and with at  
>least a
>Technician Class license are encouraged to sign up.
>Other Requirements:
>- VHF/UHF (2m/440) mobile rig or ID-1 DStar 1.2 GHz mobile rig with  
>battery and gain antenna (i.e. not a rubber duck or other HT
>antenna...mobile antenna set ups independent of vehicles and base  
>with support structures are preferable.) ***NOTE: There are limited
>locations where hand held radios are effective. If all you have is a  
>held let us know and we will see how to work with you on a location. You
>should be prepared to pre-populate all V/UHF frequencies into your  
>rig and
>have a copy of your manual available as rig support is not offered.
>- Operators should plan enough battery power for their station to run at
>high power for a minimum of 12 hrs of continuous duty. For those running
>DStar High Speed Data on an ID-1 the laptop should also have 12 hrs of
>continuous power. This amount of power will give you a healthy buffer to
>work with during the day. If you are asked to provide DStar High  
>Speed Data
>support other computer requirements will be supplied by the MEDLOG  
>Director. PLEASE NOTE: DStar Digital Voice IS NOT being used for support
>this year.
>- A sincere interest in working as part of a huge team of radio amateurs
>from MD, DC, VA and from as far away as New Hampshire, Montana and  
>Texas in
>supporting the Marine Corps Marathon medical staff, Program Office and
>approximately 30,000 runners.
>Commitment Requirement:
>- A briefing is held the week before the marathon which is mandatory  
>for all
>Aid Station operators and strongly urged for all other amateur radio
>volunteers due to significant course changes this year. If you are a  
>time operator this briefing is extremely helpful as a chance to  
>the scope of the operation as well as ask questions of the functional  
>- Check-in at the Staging Area for most operators will be between  
>0530 and
>0700 on the day of the race. Operators in secure locations or at NCS  
>have separate reporting requirements communicated to them.
>- Race conclusion is usually by approximately 1700 hrs with most  
>secured long before that. If you have to leave early in the day let  
>us know
>so we can work with you on a location.
>How do I sign up?
>Fill out the form here before October 1 so we can get your  
>information to
>the US Marine Corps Program Office for security reasons:
>or here:
>Thank you for your time and consideration.
>Dan Sullivan
>Operations and Planning Chief
>2007 Marine Corps Marathon Ham Radio Planning Committee

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