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John Teller jsteller at spottydog.us
Tue Sep 4 15:00:20 CDT 2007

Here here!  Extra points for use of complex analogy.

Harumph, indeed.  True balderdash, in fact.

--- JST

"Just spending money does not solve the real problems."

of course, when political patronage is the basis for appointing
department heads instead of any whiff of topical competence, the
chances of spending the money wisely go to zero bloody quickly.

Homeland Scrutiny was created by rearranging the furniture under the
command of a moving company from Jersey. very good at moving heavy
boxes and grand pianos, but not the slightest clue about interior
design. consequently, one should not be surprised to see orange and
blue stripes together with red and green plaids.

the fact they bought the gastly combinations from the likes
of Needless Markup just means they paid a *lot* to 
have it look that bad.

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