Potential AMRAD member fails clip lead test

Philip Miller Tate Philmt59 at aol.com
Thu Sep 6 05:53:58 CDT 2007

Whoa, there - nobody told me when I joined that AMRAD is allowed to  
exclude members on the grounds of ability, competence, or common  
sense - or lack of same. Such requirements could make membership of  
AMRAD illegal in the UK! Furthermore, I'd like to ask the committee  
what is being done to ensure that at least 5% of our membership are  
gay amputees?

Hugs and kisses,

Phil (Hairy Biker) M1GWZ

> Frank,
> I believe the title of your e-mail is seriously disrespectful, even  
> downright insulting to us real AMRAD members.
> Surely, anyone who fails the Standard BACT (Basic Amrad Clip-lead  
> Test) would never even be considered as a potential member
> 73
> André
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